Saturday, March 6, 2010

Suddenly Back in the US

I haven't updated the site in over a month, now I'm already back in the States.  Wow, time flies when you are cruising.  I'm working up to a good writing session complete with photos. Our last venture out into the blue water was Jan. 18 through February 26th and it was action packed.  My sense of humor was tested when our dinghy and motor dissapeared during Carnival in Mazatlan.  I think I'm recovering from the chink in my armor now that we have a plan to replace our most basic mode of transportation.  I've been alerted that this blog seems to have a "redirect" bug in it so I need to figure that out as well.  I should be getting my very own computer back from Dell on Monday so I can have access to the blog without having to arm wrestle Capt. Blye for computer time.  Stay tuned, we are still out here, well actually in Napa right now.