Monday, August 30, 2010

San Francisquito

We departed Trinidad early in the morning under very calm conditions and headed up to the San Francisquito anchorage.
According to the cruising guide there are several anchorages here but the best is the inner harbor.  It suggests you anchor out first, take a dinghy in to check the depth.  Unless of course there are already boats in the anchorage then typically someone from another boat will come out in a dinghy and wave you in.  As I was reading this low and behold there was a guy in a dinghy waving us in.  Wow, just like in the book!  Nice.  We went right into the inner harbor and stayed in the deep water way away from the two catamarans already anchored.  I was up on deck lowering the anchor when a guy off a the other catamaran stormed up onto his deck and yelled at me “F&*~ker” and flipped me off.  Wow, I thought that was mean.  I asked Doug if he thought we were too close.  He said how does he know our dogs name?  I said that’s not what he said.  I had to get out the binoculars to see the name of the boat, SV Katherine Estelle.  I don’t think we were too close if I can’t read the name without the binoculars.  Next thing I know the guy has his wife on deck pulling up the anchor by hand and they are moving their boat.  I was feeling pretty bad, like I had intruded.  He moved the boat to the entrance of the harbor and dropped the anchor.  I thought this was odd because now he was sort of in the way and I knew SV Windward Bound was right behind us and would come in.  About 20 minutes latter Windward Bound scooted into the anchorage around the catamaran and dropped anchor even closer then we had.  Again, the guy was up on deck with his wife pulling up the anchor and moving the boat back near us.  Apparently SV Windward Bound was familiar with this particular catamaran and anchored near it cause they knew they would move.  A few minutes later the other catamaran “Manta” came on the radio laughing saying “Welcome to San Francisquito, the friendliest anchorage in the Sea!”  I think he was just glad to see other boats.  We all had a good laugh.  The next day SV Marionette and latter SV Rapscallion came into the anchorage and the catamaran Katherine Estelle pulled up their anchor and left the anchorage completely.

For the next several days we stayed put in San Francisquito and dove with the folks off of Manta, Marionette, Rapscallion and WindwardBound.  We ate fresh caught seafood every night.  The diving, dinners and company was great!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


We rendezvoused with SV Windward Bound in Trinidad.  We had heard them on the radio on our way over to Santa Rosalia the day before.  Trinidad is pretty much just a stopping off anchorage.  The wind was howling here and we kept the boat in “Go Mode” all night.  We had clean laundry to hand over to them from their stay in San Carlos.  Jim was so happy to have his new, very clean, yellow t-shirt back

Friday, August 27, 2010

Goodbye San Carlos

We will be leaving for the other side of the Sea of Cortez tomorrow morning early.  The trip should take us about 12 hours.  We are headed for Santa Rosalia.

Thanks so much "All the Way", "Mystic", "Kay eM Te", "S O M F", & "Margarita".

Monday, August 9, 2010


We have spent several pretty nice days here anchored just outside Marina Real.  Doug and Larry (SVPeregrine) did yet another boat project while we where at anchor.  Every project they do is always an improvement but it's really, really hot and they sweat it out like being in a sauna.  This last project on SVPeregrine was electrical.  Yep, just add a sweating body and a saltwater soaked bathing suit sitting on the engine block holding a tool wrenching on the battery and you complete the circuit!  Yep, Doug got all tingly.   He didn't even tell me about it until I questioned him about the two burn marks on his butt cheeks.

The water temp is at 85 degrees and the last few days the air temp has been in the low 90's.  We have been told to watch out for sting rays, apparently there are a lot out in the shallow water this year.  In addition, we need to watch for jelly fish and strangely enough Humbolt squid.  I have heard two stories since yesterday about a dog being attacked by a squid.  What I was not able to confirm is if it was the same dog or two different dogs.

We are heading North on the mainland side of the Sea for the next couple of days.  I'm not sure how much cell/internet coverage we will have.  I know once we get up to the Bahia de los Angeles there is no coverage.

I am missing all the Mudd Daubbers!  It is anchor week up in the Delta and they are all out there on the hook enjoying the summer sun.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Martini Cove, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

Martini Cove at sunrise

Ahoy!  We are back out on "the hook".  We sailed here yesterday with SVPeregrine from the Guaymas harbor.  It was a lovely day and the sea breeze was welcome.  We did not get a very early start so we decided to go to a destination not too far away.  It's about 93 degrees out here on the water and in the water!  The water is so warm that you need to swim around to find a cool spot.  This little cove is very pretty.  There is just enough room for our two boats and a spot for several run abouts to anchor.

Today we swam and swam in the crystal clear water  Here a picture of Mugg and Larry, they were the first ones in the water.  Tucker had a good swim and run on the beach. While I was walking Tucker on the beach I started picking up trash, I just can't help it.  I don't have any place to take it so I just made some piles way up the beach out of the tide line.  I found a set of rosary beads on the beach, so I guess you could say I found religion right there on the beach!

Earlier today I mentioned to Muggs that I had decided I liked the Mexican bands that have a tuba player in them.  When everyone else is asleep the tuba player usually keeps on playing! 

Well, about 7:30 a small run about cruises into the anchorage with low and behold an entire Mexican band on board, "Con Tuba".  They were playing their hearts outs.  I was laughing so hard I couldn't believe it.  The boat was overloaded with musicians and instruments.  It was way too funny.
It is expected to storm tomorrow, might head into San Carlos

Monday, August 2, 2010

Do pigs really sweat?

Cause if they do, I'm sweating like a P.I.G.! We are packing up to take off today. Heading North today, I think...I'm already having A/C withdrawls