Friday, July 30, 2010

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Muggs at the keyboard! And she plays the piano. Check out their website for an update on what we've been up to here in Guaymas.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

While we wait in Guaymas

We have been here at the dock for almost one month.  We have been doing some projects on the boats while we wait for the the masts to be complete on Peregrine, but we have also been out exploring.  We have been to San Carlos several times checking on SVBlueDolphin, SVUbuntu, and we visited Bill, Lisa, Jim, and Susan while SVBeyondReason was surveyed.  We also found the Pearl farm here in Guaymas and the Delfinario, a small version of Marine World where they will let you swim with the dolphins as well as watch the sea lions and dolphins perform.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Word of the day-lluvia!

It has looked like rain for a few days now, a few time there has been a slight welcome sprinkle.  However, yesterday was a different story.  It was over cast most of the day which made running around doing errands possible.  So Muggs (SVPeregrin) and I got very busy.  I decided that since the crane was coming to install the masts back on SVPeregrin she and I would go do something else.

We started out at the bank.  This sounds simple enough but not really here in Guaymas, when I have to park the Simmburban and I need a large parking area.  I dropped Muggs off at the corner where the bank is and went in search of a estacionamiento or parking that I thought I had seen a few streets up from the bank.  I found it pretty quickly, basically the parking area is a cleared out lot in between where two homes are.  The guy just scraped the lot and put up a sign and a chair.   I think he sits there all day and collects money for parking.  Once I parked I realized Tucker was in the car and I could neither leave him or take him into the bank so I ended up handing the leash to the parking attendant and scooted off towards the bank. Before he knew it he was now a dog sitter as well.  I met up with Muggs and we did our banking, getting cash in very small bills.  When we rounded the corner to the parking area, there was the attendant, now not only holding Tucker, but he had another dog and a small child (3 years old) all sitting in the shade.  My first thought was that I hope Tucker hadn't bitten anyone while we were gone.  I paid the guy double, collected the dog and we scooted away.  3 year olds are a favorite of Tucker.

We took a leisurely drive to the laundry mat, dropped off something like 20 kg of dirty clothes then headed over to San Carlos Marina Real to check on SVBlueDolphin, in the water, and SVUbuntu, on the hard.  SVUbuntu is still in the work yard, even though the owner was told it had been moved.  Little did the guy know Ubuntu has spies watching.  We passed through the guard gate that is maned by a min. of 2 to 4 guards who have never asked me a single question,  I just waive at them and they open the gate.  Real good thing I'm honest.  We went on board SVBlueDolphin and aired it out for only about 20 minutes because even though it was overcast it was extremely sweltering below decks.  We located a can of Bristol for the maintenance man and scurried back to the car.

On the way back to Guaymas we decided to follow the signs to the canyon Nacapuli, an amazing palm canyon north of San Carlos.  We followed a dirt road for about 20 min. following signs.  We finally came to an area where I wasn't comfortable taking the truck any further.  I got out and walked a ways up the canyon and decided to come back later with Doug in tow.  It was a bit remote for me to go too far on my own.  I came back to the truck and followed some more dirt roads and made it back to the main road in about 8 min.  I still can't figure out why it took me so long to get out to the canyon trail.

We stopped at the seamstress and picked up a few items that Muggs had made, they were covers for her cockpit chairs.  They turned out beautiful, the seamstress needed to buy additional fabric and made an excellent choice.  They are very bright yellow and salmon colored.  Fun colors.  We also stopped at the carniceria (butcher), bakery and vegetable stand.  This was a very ambitious day!

We came back to the boat yard to discover that the crane had never showed up and SVPeregrine was still tied up in the haul out area, the crane was delayed.  Manana for the masts.  This meant that the boat would stay there all night.  It was a "Slack Line" move to get on and off the boat while it was tied up there.  Muggs was only willing to do the move once with lot's of coaching so we decided to go do a few more errands and planed for her to sleep on our boat for the evening.

We flushed Larry off the boat and headed downtown for a much needed hair cut.  We found a great salon with no waiting line and wonderful A/C so we all took a seat.  I didn't need a haircut so I had a pedicure while Larry and Muggs got a haircut.

I had been watching the cloud cover all day and doing a lot of wondering about what this city is like when it rains and attempted to ask the stylist about weather in Guaymas.  She said it was not going to rain today, no problem.  After all she has the local knowledge.  All the while the clouds where getting darker and darker.  Really impressively dark for there not to be a chance of rain.  Everything in the City seemed to be going on as usual like there was no chance of rain.  The daily crowd was gathering on the Malecon for their exercise to the loud music so I'm thinking "no chance of rain", that's what the locals say.  All the taco carts where had lined the street, even the Oscar Mayer wiener cart was out.

We again went back to the boat and decided to flush Doug out of the boat and go grab some dinner in a nice restaurant.  We all dressed in our best clean clothes and was just about ready to leave when the sky's literally opened up.  Not just a little bit, but BARRELS of water!  I was down below on our boat so I did the extra fast move around the boat closing port lights and Doug closed hatches.  All the while Larry was on the dock, he had grabbed the "sun umbrella" for cover.  I popped up and realized we were supposed to meet Muggs at the gate and she didn't have a key to get in.  I could not even see the gate.  Then Larry remembered his boat was not really closed up all the way for this amount of rain, so off we went into the WET weather!
I found Muggs hunkered down in the ladies room, did I mentioned the lighting!  I had Muggs stay in the ladies room, since she was dry and went to help Larry close up his boat and put tools away.  By the time I made it to SVPeregrine he was already on board madly dashing around putting buckets over the mast holes, moving tools and closing up the cockpit.  There was really only room for one to do the mad dash around the boat in the rain so I stayed on the dock.  It was very hard to see what one was doing in the deluge.  We all had eye glasses and they quickly became useless.  I spotted Larry as he made the move off the boat back up to the yard dock.  At this point the move had become very dangerous as the lines where now slippery.

In the distance I saw lights come on in my truck and realized Doug must have come up to the yard.  Larry and I headed over towards the truck and found Muggs on her way there with a shower curtain over her head.  What a site we were.  We all jumped in the truck and took a deep breath.  Then it was a mad dash of pushing buttons to get the A/C to turn OFF!
We were more than just dripping wet.  I don't think I get that wet taking a shower.  Now what?
My vote was simple, I'm soaked I want to go back to the boat and towel off and make dinner there.

Doug had another idea.  Well we are all here, let's just go to the restaurant.  I'm thinking he has been out in the sun too long.  Are you kidding?  It's flash flooding and the water is rising.  Zoom!  Out of the parking lot we go into the thick of it.  I was so terrified I could hardly speak.  It had only been raining for maybe 15 min and the water on the road was already a rushing river about 18 inches deep.  It was a flash flood, my first flash flood not just seen on T.V.  We joined the masses of cars on the road that at this point was at a crawl.  As we passed the streets that were at an incline I could see water rushing down them.  Many of these streets are not paved, just dirt so they were just a wash turning into ravines.  There is no drainage in this town so the water just rises.

The road that is normally two lanes quickly became 4 lanes heading out of town, thanks to a cement truck who decided to make a new North bound lane and the semi-parking area on the right side.  Amazingly enough the traffic lights remained functional, there was not a stall, none of the really small low cars filled with water and there where no accidents.  The roads never even had a chance to get slick.  After about a terrifying 45 min. we reached the restaurant and pulled in.  We dashed out of the truck into the palapa restaurant, much to the amazement of the waiters and patrons.
At this point Larry, Doug, and I are still dripping wet.  I decide I couldn't even sit in the restaurant. I felt like my dress was shrinking as I was standing there by the looks on the guys faces sitting at a nearby table.  I looked at the other side of the parking lot and low and behold there was a Walmart.
I decided I needed to make an emergency purchase of dry clothing.  Larry made the same decision.  So he and I took the truck across the parking lot to Walmart.  We ran to the entrance and went through the doors.  The A/C that had been such a welcome comfort was now almost unbearable.
I'm not sure but I think you might find us in one of the Walmart shoppers pictures that circulate.  We were walking, slushing, dripping through Walmart,  people were looking at us.  Gringos...

Once we reached the clothing section we realized neither one of us could read the labels on the clothing and didn't really understand the labeling.  We had to go on the idea of "Well, it looks like it will fit".  With our purchases made we made our way back to the restaurant.  I went into the ladies room and pulled off the wet and put on the dry.  Ahh, hmmm, it's dry but it's a little small.  I guess I could have used a different size.  Well at this point it was either the little dress or some paper towels in strategic places.  I went back out to the restaurant and was again ogled at by the guys at the table.  At least Doug had a drink waiting for me.  We had a lovely dinner and hung around the restaurant for at least 1 1/2 hours and let the weather and traffic pass. 

When we left we drove straight back to the marina with no incidents at all. Muggs stayed the night with us on Aquadesiac and Larry tight roped over to Peregrine.  It was a good thing Larry stayed the night on Peregrine because the tide went out and the boat was in too tight on her lines and started to hang in the haul out area.  The lines really started to sing!
This morning the crane showed up and Doug and Larry went over and handled the whole mast rigging on their own.  Muggs and I stayed below out of the rain, yeah it' still raining.  We might pick up that laundry tomorrow!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some like it hot

Whew, I have never in my whole life been this hot.  It is currently only 97 degrees inside the cabin and I find it very hard to function.  It is 11:30 a.m. and it is not even the heat of the day yet.  I've been awake since about 5:30 a.m., having gone into some kind of dozing state after 2:00 a.m. I'm not getting much sleep because it's just too hot.  We have all our shade up, the window out of the dodger, fans blowing.  Pretty much to no avail.  We have spent the last 18 days at a slip in Guaymas working on boat projects and expect to be here for at least 8 more days.  I don't know if is any cooler being out at anchor or not.  I'm driving to Obregon, Mexico tomorrow to pick up some wood to make a cockpit table.  I'm planning on driving real slow with the A/C on!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

If only mosquitoes sucked fat instead of blood

Yep, we are back in Mexico.  I'm still working on my Spanish so this sign really caught my attention today!