Tuesday, April 8, 2014


 We took a bus tour service to Chichenitza. 
Don't forget which bus you need to get back on!
It was a very delightful bus trip, full service!  I could get used to these full service trips!  

I think we picked a perfect day to go as the weather on the coast was blowing up to 50 knots with rain and inland it was cloudy, cool and breezy.  

We had a guide that walked with us all around the inner city, it was pretty interesting.
Wow, not sure what he was "splaining" here but it must have been good!
You can no longer climb to the top
Sweet older woman selling napkins
We took a short hike to the older ruins as well, this was an observatory
Restless natives

It was pretty much all the beer you could drink until the next stop!
  When we got back on the bus they handed us a cold, wet hand towel and an icy cold beer! 

The second stop on the trip was a Mexican buffet lunch at a restaurant in an old colonial city.  Very pretty town and very yummy food, I ate so much I did not need dinner.  Many of the building here where built by re purposing the stones from the Mayan ruins.
Flowers worn on the left means this woman is married
Really?! In Mexico

 I saw a real stop light with the pedestrian signal.  I think this is the first one I have ever seen in Mexico.  I asked the guide about it.  He said that people respect the sign.

  The third stop on the tour was a cenote.  It was really not a very good cenote as it was in a city and it looked polluted.  I would not have swam in it.  It was interesting and apparently it is a sacred site.

I hope they did not throw virgins into this cenote

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