Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tulum and Dos Ojos Cenote

Tulum by the Sea!
 We rented a car and took a rode trip to Tulum.  It was incredibly hot and windy.  Must have been spectacular when it was a working city.  
Ruins at Tulum

They Mayans are very small people, I had to watch my head!

And we're done.  Hot, windy and now really thirsty!

Swinging in the beach bar breeze

What is this? Mexican crafted beer!  It was really, really good and really, really cold

Une Ojo

Amazing cenote

Sprinkled throughout the Yucatan are Cenotes.  They are really amazing crystal clear fresh water.  They are of course all sacred but for a price they will let you swim and dive in them.  The water at Dos Ojos Cenote is so clear I could see the diver below us heading into the labyrinth of caves following a yellow rope.  It was really amazing.  We also ventured into a cave filled with bats, it wasn't until we came out that I saw a sign that said you needed a guide to enter.

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